This concept project is intended for condo tenants who live in Toronto. The module takes the learner briefly through the importance of recycling and then suggests ways to minimize waste. It gives the learner an overview of what items and materials are recyclable and what are not. The module was developed using Articulate Storyline.

The Client's Problem and Solution

This concept project imagines a property management client, who came to me asking for training for the following problem.

Condo tenants in Toronto are supposed to recycle their waste using specific bins on every floor. When done poorly, more waste goes to garbage instead of being recycled, and if recycled contamination of good recyclables can mess up the whole bin.

Condo tenants need to learn how to manage their waste by placing items in the appropriate bins (blue, green, black). This is the first module out of 3 which tackles the blue bin for recyclable items. An eLearning module was chosen to be done as it is a new way to approach tenants since the other methods might not be as effective. In addition, an infographic will accompany the module to help tenants implement their learning ASAP.

Design and Development Process

Research: I conducted interviews with tenants (learners) who are experiencing difficulty with sorting their home waste. These interviews identified confusing items and common recyclable items that were then included in the module.

The module was scripted using a word document and storyboarded using PowerPoint. The final module was developed using Articulate Storyline. Animations were created in VYOND while graphics were made using CANVA.